About Antonio

Antonio was born and grew up in Seville (Spain). He carried out the Ph.D. on heterogeneous catalysis under the supervision of Prof. Hermenegildo García (Jaume I Award 2016), at The Polythecnic University of Valencia. His thesis received the Special Award of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2006. After a short stay in the M.I.T. at Prof. Steven L. Buchwald´s (BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge Award 2015) laboratories, working in organometallics, he did post–doctoral studies in the Chemistry Department of The University of Cambridge at Prof. Steven Ley´s group (Arthur C. Cope Award 2018) working in the total synthesis of the complex natural products isobongregic acid and epyriculol.

In 2008, he returned to the ITQ to work with Prof. Avelino Corma (Prince of Asturias Award 2014 for scientific and technical research). After receiving a Ramon y Cajal research contract in 2014 and a Distinguished Research permanent position in 2016, he works independently. His main objective is to expend time with his wife and two children while enjoying chemistry research too.